With the ever changing family structure, peer pressures and increasing academic loads, maintaining balance and self-confidence can prove challenging for most young people. Low self-esteem can fuel a vicious cycle of poor choices and unhealthy relationships that devalue a young person’s sense of worth. Without the proper support and skills for navigating life’s challenges, these youth may become high risk for serious mental health issues including depression and anxiety. The Self-esteem123 (SE123) program was developed to combat this destructive cycle, build self-confidence and work towards reducing the anxiety, stress and fear that often emerge during adolescence.
“Life can throw you challenges and conflicts. How you decide to deal with these issues is contingent on how you view your value in the world.” --Rosemary Cobuzzi, MSW.
After nearly 20 years in the social work field counseling clients with mental health, substance abuse, foster care and domestic violence issues, I recognized a common behavioral pattern of low self-worth. Lack of personal value can negatively affect every aspect of a person’s life, including decision making, which often is poor when self-esteem is low. SE123 integrates the basic techniques of cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal therapies and balances it with a holistic, modern day approach to improve self-esteem and practice healthier choice-making. With an innate ability to quickly assess situations, I provide clients with special techniques to manage their individual circumstances - placing emphasis on communication and the healthy expression of emotions in a safe and comfortable environment. Intrinsically empathetic, I understand and connect with people’s feelings and emotions, which help me create tailored development plans for clients with the goal of enabling them to successfully pilot their own lives.
"This above all: to thine own self be true" --William Shakespeare


Rosemary Cobuzzi is a motivational speaker and founder of Self-esteem123, a program dedicated to empowering young people. She is a graduate of Fordham University with a Master’s degree in social work. Her passion has been to enrich and change the lives of children and their families in a positive way by focusing on healthy techniques that change behavior and thought patterns. Her work range includes; domestic violence, foster care, substance abuse and mental illness. Read More


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Julia B. Julia B.
Thank you for helping me get through this tough time in my life, I will never forget the wise words you gave me.  Words cannot describe how much I am going to miss you.  One of the greatest moments was going to a leadership program and you took the... Read More
Karen Les PierreKaren Les PierreTASC/HSE Instructor, Mosholu Montefiore Community Center
As a GED teacher for eight years at Mosholu Montefiore Community Center and Executive Director of my own tutoring business, Ms. Karen’s A+ Tutoring Center, I am often challenged by the overwhelming difficulties that some youth face who have not completed high school. Read More
Anonymous TeenagerAnonymous Teenager
Rosemary was very helpful during my parents’ divorce.  It was nice to have another person I could talk too.  She was really friendly and supportive and that made it easy to open up.  Talking to her helped me be more open as a person and grow closer to my mom.
Anonymous ParentAnonymous Parent
When I first met Rosemary I was just starting over after leaving a very toxic relationship. Divorce is difficult enough, but when your partner is also abusive; it can also be physically and mentally exhausting. This kind of life stress can take its toll on a family.Read More
Anonymous TeenagerAnonymous Teenager
I really learned a lot working with Rosemary.  I am definitely not shy anymore.  I am also able to stick up for myself.  I feel like a better person. I try more things and I’m more confident.
Anonymous TeenagerAnonymous Teenager
I appreciate how good listener you are, which means you’re very understanding. When I speak to you I feel so comfortable, this is why we get so much progressed in a short period of time. Also you value your work, and thank you for taking time out of your day... Read More


Workshops for Children/Adolescents/Young Adults

Self-Esteem 101: Through sharing and role play we will discover how self-esteem is perceived and contemplate its meaning.
How to Say No! This workshop provides insight, information, and techniques for building confidence and handling peer pressure.
Healthy Communication: Participants practice different approaches for talking with peers, adults, and family members so they can learn to express their feelings in healthy, constructive ways that will lead to positive life results.
Overcoming Bullying: Using reasoning and responsive techniques, this workshop helps participants to understand how bullying behavior begins, why it occurs, and most importantly, how to stop the cycle.
Trust Your Gut: In this workshop you will develop the skills and confidence necessary to trust and respect your own judgment in order to make choices that were previously intimidating.
Comfortable Numb: We will utilize the three “A” techniques: Awareness, Acceptance and Action to awaken and spark readiness for change.

Parent-Education Workshops

PAAS - Parenting Awareness Acceptance Skills: This workshop addresses the importance of accepting each child as an individual—and explores why that is sometimes a lot harder to do than we realize.
What’s Your Parenting Style? In this workshop, we define and explore the four types of parenting styles (authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved) and how they impact parents’ relationships with their children.

Read More

“Learning these self-esteem skills can transform a person’s life.”
--Rosemary Cobuzzi, MSW


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